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Terms of Service:

1.    24-7 Auto Transport, Inc.  will hereafter be referred to as 24-7 Auto.  24-7 Auto does agree to help arrange to have vehicle(s) described in service order shipped on or around the dates available depending on the carrier/transporters scheduling and availability.  24-7 Auto will designate a reliable, licensed and insured carrier/transporter to fulfill your service request.  24-7 Auto does not guarantee any specific pickup or delivery dates due to road conditions, engine problems, Mother Nature, medical issues, personal issues, delay from other customers, etc.  Pickup and delivery dates are only estimates and there are no guarantees.  After scheduling has been confirmed with an authorized carrier/transporter the contact person you provided at the pick up location will be notified via a telephone message or email message.  At this point 24-7 Auto has fulfilled our service agreement.  We will however follow thru with any issues or concerns you have during transport of your vehicle(s) and do our best to furnish any accurate and suitable information necessary.


2.     We the Broker, 24-7 Auto charge a Service Fee of $200.00 that must be paid in advance in the form of a credit card, PayPal or check by phone.  There is a $100.00 admin/service fee and a $100.00 assignment fee.  Totaling $200.00.  This is usually included in your quoted amount unless otherwise noted.  The $100 assignment fee is refundable (refunds may take up to 2 weeks for processing) if the customer/shipper(s) decides to cancel their order. 


3.        This service order is subject to all terms & conditions of the carrier’s/transporters straight bill of lading (BOL).  Copies of which are available at the office of the carrier/transporter.  Once a carrier has confirmed a p/u date the bill of lading will be the agreement in effect.  Please contact carrier/transporter for a copy of their original BOL.  Their telephone number can be found on their original BOL or you can call us toll free at 1-800-247-2478.


4.        The customer/shipper(s) verifies the vehicle(s) is free of contents, to and including trunk. The carrier/transporter is not responsible for damage caused by freezing of engine, cooling system, batteries, or leaking fluids, exhaust system, mufflers, tail pipes or any mechanical malfunction damage to include engine, transmission, rear end, wiring systems, stereo systems, air bags, brakes, clutches, computerized components (anything that’s is mechanical or electrical), any convertible tops (loose, torn, visible wear), this includes any canvas or material covering., etc while in transport.  The customer/shipper(s) is responsible for preparing the vehicle(s) for transport, Including: disarming any alarms, removing any loose parts, accessories, hanging spoilers, etc.


5.        The customer/shipper(s) must, in their absence, designate a person to act as their agent at the point of pick up and delivery.  If the carrier/transporter is sent to acquire (with proper notification 5-24hrs) the vehicle(s) and it is not there, is unavailable, has been moved or cannot be picked up for any other reason the customer/shipper(s) authorizes 24-7 Auto to invoice $100.00 (per vehicle(s) a reposting fee for rescheduling.  This is to have the vehicle(s) rescheduled for pick up. Please inform your contact person at the pick up location that they will be notified (via numbers provided) in advance of time frames carrier/transporter will be arriving.  If in fact, the carrier/transporter has given their proper notification to the pick up location they may also invoice the primary customer/shipper(s) a “dry load” fee.  This is up to the discretion of the company hired to pick up the vehicle(s).


6.        All vehicle(s) to be delivered with a balance owing shall be paid by CASH or CASHIERS CHECK ONLY (US) payable to the carrier/transporter.  Should delivery be attempted after proper notification (5 to 24 hours voice notification to phone numbers provided by customer/shipper(s)and customer/shipper(s) or his/her designated agent does not have proper funds or is unavailable to receive delivery, vehicle(s) will be taken to and left at the nearest terminal.  The customer/shipper(s) will be responsible to retrieve and is responsible for all fees involved in the storage and release of vehicle(s) and or redelivery fees.  It is the customer/shipper(s) responsibility to have payment in full when transporter/carrier arrives.  If transporter/carrier notices that, he is unable to drive to the address at the time of delivery the customer/shipper(s) agrees to meet the transporter at a nearby location closest to the delivery address provided by customer/shipper(s).  The customer/shipper(s) agrees that if the payment cannot be made at the time of delivery by cash or cashiers check, the vehicle(s) will be stored at the nearest terminal at the customer/shipper(s) expense.  


7.        The customer/shipper(s) agrees that should this vehicle(s) become inoperative at pick up or during the transport, a $150 winch fee will be assessed to the customer/shipper(s) and payable at the time of delivery.  Vehicle(s) that are oversized and are  not noted in the original order form may incur additional charges from the transporter/carrier.


8.        The transporter/carrier has primary insurance responsibility during transit of your vehicle(s).  All claims will be settled at actual cost.  All claims are to be made to the actual carrier who transported you vehicle(s).  Please refer to the transporter's/carrier’s bill of lading (BOL) for information regarding the claim process and phone numbers to call for claim forms.  The customer/shipper(s) agrees that the BOL is the only contract between the parties covering the arrangement of transport  after pick up and no other agreements or contracts are in effect until arrangement of scheduling has been made with an authorized transporter/carrier, at that time the transporter/carrier contract and bill of lading(BOL) will be in effect immediately.  No claim or legal action of any kind may be initiated against the transport broker, 24-7 Auto.  Exceptions for damage must be noted by customer/shipper(s) or customer/shipper(s) agent on the post trip inspection form BOL at the time of delivery, any claim for damage not documented on the post trip inspection will not be honored.


9.        Returned checks fees are $25.00 and are due upon receipt.  If for any reason payment is not received within 30 days, your account will be turned over for collections.  Any fraudulent credit card charge backs will be pursued to a collection agency and to 24-7 Auto's attorney immediately and all incurred costs for collection of monies due from this transaction will be the customer/shipper(s) responsibility.  You may dispute your charge, by writing to us at 2880 Bicentennial Pkway Ste 100-247, Hendersnon, NV 89044


10.     In some cases, if after all reasonable efforts are made to ensure the move of your vehicle(s) have been exhausted the Broker, 24-7 Auto may contact you to discuss different options for better arrangement of transport.  If you agree to try the other options, we may offer we will confirm those options with you via email.  If after 30 days your vehicle(s) has not been scheduled for pick up you will be fully refunded for the Service/Broker Fee that you have paid 24-7 Auto.


11.     You may cancel your order at any time; cancellations must be sent via email to or faxed to 775-254-5081.  A telephone call will follow once cancellation has been received in order to process the cancellation.  Once cancellation has been confirmed by one of our CSR’s it will be processed for a refund that was paid to 24-7 Auto if due.  However if a transporter/carrier was assigned to pick up your vehicle(s) there is no refund due.


12.     We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who violates any of the terms and conditions written above.  Alternatively, for any other reason(s) we feel necessary.  Threats, harassment, stalking, etc.  Terms and conditions are subject to change by 24-7 Auto Management at any time.  Discounts also apply to all of the above.


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